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Rebranding Nigeria…


As we celebrate Nigeria’s 59th Independence, I wish to express an urgent need for us to rebrand our country, Nigeria.

Conversations across the world are pointing towards the need for us to prove to the world that the miscreants, fraudsters, etc who are tarnishing the image of our dear country around the world are just in the minority, not up to 5% of the Nigerian population.

Within and outside the country are millions of professionals, technocrats, young entrepreneurs and innovators who are daily evolving solutions to the problems of the world in the USA, UK, Europe, Nigeria, etc.

These ones are in the majority and we need to showcase these positive aspects of our people to the those who do not know that any good thing exists here.

That is why, we at the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa have taken it upon ourselves to showcase the good in us in the coming months through our leadership project called… “Rebrand Nigeria Program.”

We urge you to keep a date with us.

Once again, congratulations to Nigeria and all Nigerians!

– Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, President, Ugwumba Leadership Center


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