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More Spotlights on Abubakar Sadiq…


Ladies and gentlemen, this is still Week I, so we bring you more spotlight on our Rebrand Nigeria Ambassador for the week…

Abubakar Sadiq Falalu is the CEO of FalGates Rice Milling Company. He holds a Bachelors degree in Management from Swinbume University of Technology, Australia and a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham, Ningbo China (UNNC) in 2014.

In 2017, his company, Falgates turned over about $450,000. In 2018, he was recognised as one of Africa’s most promising young business people in FORBES UNDER 30 LIST.

Abubakar is a smart, vibrant and hardworking Nigerian who is very passionate about investing in Nigerian youths and the economy.

At the #UgwumbaLeadershipCenter, we celebrate Ababukar Sadiq for creating jobs for himself and other Nigerians!

He’s a typical example of why we launched the #UgwumbaEnterpriseChallenge, the idea pitching and grant competition, which enables young #entrepreneurs and #innovators win startup grants for their businesses.

Raising #AfricanEntrepreneurs is the reason we’re here!

Please, join the conversations using the hashtags, #UgwumbaLeaders, #RebrandNigeriaAmbassadors, #RebrandNigeria


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