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Iniobong Udosen Responds From Thailand…


The need to Rebrand Nigeria cannot be over emphasized, for it will restore the lost image of the nation as well as transform the lives of her citizens whilst gaining international recognition.

We desire to hear from you what you think about this campaign and most importantly stir up conversations concerning this program. We are happy to share one of the many feedbacks we have got from Nigerians, within and in Diaspora, who share in the vision of our Rebrand Nigeria Campaign.

A patriotic citizen and good Ambassador of Nigeria in Diaspora, Ms Iniobong Udoson had this to say…

“For a renewed future, Nigerians should focus their individual and collective energies on building a connection with one another, beyond the human-created “tribal lines”. We should also focus on building the infrastructure within Nigeria sustainably, repair the loopholes created where our common wealth is being siphoned out of Nigeria, address and find solutions for the “brain-drain”. Looking for acceptance from the world is counterproductive because every nation on Earth has people who commit actions that are either positive or negative!”

She expressed the need for Nigerians to break the barriers of tribalism, nepotism, embezzlement, bribery, and corruption and embrace oneness, unity and love.

In addition, Ms Iniobong shared her concern over the negative image of Nigeria globally; asking vital questions as to why such propaganda is driven irrespective of the hard work Nigerians put in to deliver excellent results both within the country and overseas.

She said “Why is there a global focus on portraying Nigeria in a negative light? There must be a reason because, it is strategic. Fear is being generated. Why?  It is because Nigerians are excelling in countless ways, globally and contributing to a better future for all of humanity. These stories need to be collected, documented and studied in order to repeat these patterns across all sectors.”

She continued by saying… “Nigerians are all over the planet, yet we are not one. We are not united within or outside the country. We do not see ourselves in one another based on superficialities such as “tribe and religion”

I recognize and choose to connect with all my extensions in the Diaspora yet this is not reciprocated from those with closer ties to the Source (Nigeria). I found out that our extensions in the Diaspora (America, Cuba, Brasil, Asia etc) are more open to connect and build.

Even “Nigeria” is limiting due to the nation (its borders and people) being defined from without, but that history lesson is for a book, conference, and/or history class.

I share this to initiate conversation that can hopefully be used to understand the reason and patterns of why things are the way they are. I am abroad now and look to return to contribute to Nigeria’s development from within.”

Iniobong speaks for millions of Nigerians who desire to see tremendous changes in our society and her desire is not far from the purpose of this Rebrand Nigeria Campaign.

She said “For Nigeria (and every African nations) to THRIVE, first we have to be honest, fearless, put aside ego and ask the right questions”.

Wooww… these are wonderful thoughts and recommendations! We are so glad getting this feedback from you. Your continued contributions to these ongoing conversations are highly welcome!

For other Nigerians, living in the country and in Diaspora, what do you have to say on the urgent need to rebrand our country? Or do you think there is nothing to rebrand?

Use any of these hashtags; #RebrandNigeria, #RebrandNigeriaAmbassadors, #UgwumbaLeadershipCenter on the social media to track the conversations.

Nigerians are good people!

This Campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa. For more information about this campaign, please visit www.rebrandnigeria.org


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