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Savoury Nkwobi

SOURCE: foodnify.com

Nigeria is such a big country that the number of delicacies you will find in just one zone will wow you! For today, we will be visiting the South-Eastern region of Nigeria; where it is predominantly dominated by the Igbo people. If you are a lover of meat (of course for its nutritional values) then you would enjoy this delish cuisine known as Nkwobi.  Basically, it is cow leg prepared with spicy palm oil paste, onions, Utazi leaves and other ingredients.

This delicacy is usually served at beer parlors, exclusive restaurants, and even homes as appetizers. You can imagine! The unique thing about this savory dish is that it is served in a calabash bowl alongside a chilled drink of your choice; making it tradition-oriented. Also, you sure want to eat it with your hands, no cutleries as a bowl of water and hand wash will be served too. That’s the beautiful of cultural delicacies like nkwobi; every bite connects you with the natives, culture and tradition. Very salivating isn’t it? But before I get carried away with the details of this delish meal, what nutritional benefits does Nkwobi have for you?

Health Benefits of Nkwobi

1.     Provides energy

2.     Rapid wound healing

3.     Enhances one’s sense of smell and taste

4.     Aids the proper growth and well-being of the body

5.     Proper function of the nervous system and the brain

6.     Defense against diseases because of the high zinc content

7.     Utazi leaves are good for boosting one’s appetite and aiding digestion

8.     It contains vitamin B12 and iron; that is essential for the production of red blood cells

9.     The antiplasmodial content of utazi leaves makes it a suitable option for malaria treatment

10.                        Ever had cough? Yes you have, well Nkwobi contains nutrients (utazi leaves) that can relief you of cough.

So when next you visit Nigeria, don’t forget to have a taste of this savory meal. Remember its benefits and uniqueness. You won’t regret your experience.


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