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SOURCE: Sisi Jemimah

That’s how you pronounce it; with so much strength in your voice!

One of the numerous native soups of the Yorubas who mostly come from the South-Western part of Nigeria is Gbegiri soup; also called Miyan Wake by Hausas from the North. The powerful pronunciation of the soup depicts its sumptuous and flavorful composition (in my opinion). Gbegiri is simply beans soup; prepared with other ingredients that actually contain less calories. Depending on the preference of the consumer, Gbegiri soup is usually combined with Ewedu soup and Red stew. But that is not all, you would have swallow to go with it particularly Amala though other swallows such as eba, pounded yam, semovita can be considered, but to enjoy this mouth-wetering soup, you certainly want to go with Amala.  

When people hear the word ‘beans’ they literally flip (flatulence on the way) meaning they would rather settle for another meal but Gbegiri makes beans delightful to eat. How? Well, for starters, the fart-inducing sugars are drastically reduced when the outer skin (where farts hide) is easily peeled off after soaking for a decent amount of time (Phew! Thank God). So unlike beans-only meals, Gbegiri won’t cause you some embarrassing moments. I am sure you are happy to hear that.  Also, Gbegiri is prepared as paste which makes it even lighter for your stomach.  To top it all, a less fattening healthy meat (goat meat) choice is preferred for the preparation of the soup. Wow! It keeps getting better and better. I am so excited about this already!

Some people actually choose to drink the soup when it is cool and much thicker or serve it as sauce/dip with toast or simply add vegetables and have another meal. So you see the choice is yours, you can enjoy it anyway you want.

Everything about Gbegiri screams HEALTHY! So, what could these healthy benefits be? I know from all you have read so far, you can guess some so I will help you highlight more…

Gbegiri Nutritional Benefits

Weight Loss

Have you been fighting that weight for a while now? Well, you can add Gbegiri to your diet because it contains as low as 125 calories! Can you imagine that?! So quickly get yourself a bowl but caution; do not eat this every day. You can make it once a week.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Again, studies have shown that the glycemic index of Gbegiri is as low as 40. What does this mean then? The fiber and protein content of the soup causes the carbohydrates in it to be absorbed much slower thus reducing the conversion of sugar to glucose. This keeps blood glucose levels at the normal state. So therefore, diabetic patients also have a new meal to their diet options.  

High Energy

You should be up and doing not after consuming such a meal that contains high protein, low fat and sugar. All work will be done in no time my friend.

Proper Heart Rate

High blood pressure is definitely one to run away from and there is a chance to defeat it; Gbegiri soup. Beans normally are rich in copper, magnesium and phosphorus and these minerals are important for heart and metabolic activities.So what do you think? Gbegiri or No Gbegiri? I will like to hear from you soon but after you have had the delicacy. 


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