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Snacky Boli

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Although plantains are not new to people in the western world or even in African countries, Nigerians like to spice it up in a different way.

Basically, Nigerians not only boil or fry plantain, they also grill it! We call it Boli. It started as a street vending snack mostly sold by women especially in the mornings and evenings. Nowadays, for health and safety reasons, people prepare Boli in the comfort of their homes, be it in an oven or an open grill.

It has become a “snacky” meal because people now eat it with peanuts, stew/spicy pepper sauce or fish, depending on the choice of preference. If you are a lover of plantain like me, you definitely want to try this and I assure you, you will not regret it. Plantains generally have very fascinating health benefits and of course having a bite of Boli exposes you to some of the benefits.

If you are wondering what these benefits are, I will share some with you because I am nice like that. So here we go…

Health Benefits of Boli

·        Energy production

Since Boli is rich in starch, you would expect that you have enough glucose in your system to keep you working effectively.

·        Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to feed properly and healthily for their sakes and that of their unborn babies. Boli contains Thiamine, Roboflavin, Niacin which are Vitamin Bs needed for the growth and development of the foetus brain, healthy eyes and glowing skins, good digestion and nutrient metabolism for the mothers respectively.

·        Anemia Treatment

Boli is also rich in Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine which is useful for the treatment of sideroblastic anemia.

·        Strengthens Immune System

Vitamin C is a major type of antioxidant that strengthens the body’s defense system against free radicals that could cause heart disease, cancer.

·        Eases Bowel Movement

Fibre rich meals stabilize bowel movements and reduce diarrhea. So if you need to ease your system with no worries, you might want to try Boli next time.

·        Healthy Bones

The normal human bones contains 50-70% minerals particularly calcium and phosphorus with smaller amounts of magnesium. Imagine how strong and well formed your bones are due to consuming snacks like Boli that contain adequate amounts of these minerals.

·        Red Blood Cells Production

Iron is an essential component of Heamoglobin needed to transport oxygenated blood throughout the body from the lungs. And of course, you have substantial amounts of iron in this healthy snack.

·        Potassium Benefits

Potassium is needed for reducing blood pressure, relieving one from kidney disorders, stress, and anxiety. It is also good for offsetting the harmful effects of sodium.

·        Diuretics

Excess sodium in the body is harmful as it can cause kidney diseases. Boli is a healthy natural diuretic that you can count on. It is also good for alleviating menstrual cramps.

I know you enjoy snacking in between meals, why not try healthy snacks like Boli. Eat in moderation and get the essential nutrients you need for your well-being.

Let me know what you think after a bite!


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