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Nasir Yammama: Our Rebrand Nigeria Ambassador.


Hello good people, welcome to the last edition of the #RebrandNigeriaAmbassadors Series for the year, 2019!

We are excited about the impacts of our previous editions so far.

Today, we present to you, Nasir Yammama, a Creative Technologist and Entrepreneur as our Rebrand Nigeria Ambassador.

Nasir is the CEO of Verdant, an Agritech value chain company that provides solutions to support farmers and other stakeholders for improved food production using amazing technologies.

The company provides access to markets, managerial supports and financial services to rural farmers across the country with unique mobile technologies.

They bring together all the stakeholders and major players in the agricultural value chain as well as the overall industry under one platform.

In the nearest future, Nasir wants his company to service 25 countries, support 40 million African farmers creating sustainable food production and improved living standards.

As an organization, Verdant is partnering with Oxfam and GIZ to help 25,000 farmers double or triple their yields.

Nasir was named in Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list in 2017. He also received the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards, held at the Buckingham Palace in England in recognition of his work in the AgricTech sector.

Is he not amazing?

Nigerians are good people!

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