On behalf of the Board and Management of the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa, I want to officially welcome you to the new year.

For us, Year 2020 shall be Our Year of Rebranding!
My people, there is an urgent need for us to take the message of the Rebrand Nigeria Campaign to the next level this year. There is a popular saying that “a good name is better than riches” and that is true for our country because we cannot go far with all the rich natural resources our country is endowed with when our name stinks in foreign lands.

Changing the negative global perception and image of Nigeria is an “Emergency Call to Action” for everyone this year. The Government cannot handle it all alone.
In this Year of Rebranding, we are going to launch aggressive campaigns aimed at changing the ways our citizens see our country, Nigeria alongside our other leadership and enterprise development projects.

Locally, we shall develop and distribute materials that will communicate our national values to children and youths across the country. Patriotism is a virtue that can be inculcated into young people and that is why we shall take our messages into the #streets, #schools, #IDPcamps, #NYSCcamps, #airports and other public places this year.

Nigerians need to become more patriotic and begin to profess love for their fatherland. Cursing our leaders on social media and elsewhere, for whatever reasons will be brought to the barest minimum this year.

We shall also target #NigeriansInDiaspora with our calls for them to become good Ambassadors of Nigeria, in whichever countries they find themselves. Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters in Diaspora are suffering neglect and other forms of deprivations in the hands of foreigners because of the criminal activities of a few others who do not care about the image of our country.

We shall do more to showcase to the world, our rich tourism and #culturalheritage sites as well as all good Nigerians that are making money legitimately and contributing towards national and global development with their positions, innovations, skills, businesses, etc.

Meanwhile, achieving all these will not be possible without your support. That is why we are reaching out to you now to support this campaign.

Critical to the success of this project are supports from #ForeignMissions and #Embassies in Nigeria as well as #NigerianEmbassies in other countries. We need them to enable us reach out to their citizens in their home countries about the urgent need to change their perceptions about us. We also need to reach out to them and our citizens living in their home countries who want to #invest and do businesses in Nigeria.

The truth is that the criminals among us are in insignificant minority, so the experiences of #foreigners in their hands should not influence their overall judgments about us and our country.

The current government led by President Muhammadu Buhari is on top of the fight against #corruption and has put in place an enabling environment for #foreigninvestments and #localbusinesses to thrive. It has also won the fight against #insurgency in the #NorthEast and #militancy in the #NigerDelta region.

Our country, Nigeria is ready for investments with its abundant human and natural resources to service their needs.

So, this year, we encourage you to become an agent of blessing by saying… “GOD BLESS NIGERIA”, everywhere you go!

Nigerians are good people!

Support the Rebrand Nigeria Campaign by using these hashtags: #RebrandNigeriaCampaign, #RebrandNigeria and #RebrandNigeriaAmbassadors when sharing any good news from Nigeria to the world.

For more information, please, visit www.rebrandnigeria.org

I am still the #JobCreationAddict,

The Executive Director,
Ugwumba Leadership Center


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