Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series!

This is the platform where we acknowledge industrious Nigerians who are contributing immensely to global and national development.

Today, we focus on a health tech entrepreneur. She is saving thousands of lives in Africa on a daily basis through their company. Her tremendous contributions to the health sector are incredible and worthy of recognition therefore, we proudly present to you Mrs. Temie Giwa-Tubosun, the founder and CEO of LifeBank.

LifeBank is the first fully digital blood bank in the world. This business enterprise is focused on enabling prompt delivery and availability of blood bags to hospitals and patients.

The founding of the company was inspired by her close-to-death experience while giving birth to her son and the experiences of people around her who had lost loved ones dues to shortage of blood.

She realized that the problem did not only apply to mothers but also infants, accident victims, shortage of the different blood types, poor communication in hospitals and a complete lack of infrastructure. She took time out to study the health sector, contacting experts in the field before building LifeBank.

It was not in her plan to become an entrepreneur however; her burning desire to solve the problem of blood shortage in Nigeria health sector was overwhelming. With over 10 years experience in health management, Temie has successfully established Nigeria’s blood digital bank.

The company has delivered over 14,000 bags of blood to various hospitals from over 3000 donors with an estimated number of lives saved at over 4000.

Mrs Tubosun has been featured on TEDx, recognized as one of BBC’s 100 Women, 2014 and in 2016; Mark Zuckerberg commended her inspiring tech entrepreneurship skills.

She has written on politics and policy of maternal and public health for several health publications including Impatient optimist blog belonging to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Temie has worked for World Health Organization, Switzerland, Department For International Development Nigeria and the Lagos State Government. She was among the 2011/2012 Global Health Corps fellows United Nations Development Project Millennium Village in Uganda.

She has been awarded the MIT Solve Global Challenge, Health Category – 2018 and she is currently a nominee of the 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians, 2019.

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God bless Nigeria!!


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