Hi, good people, welcome to another edition of the Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series! Do you know that Nigeria has so many “Women of Amazons” doing great things across the globe? Some of them are changing lives and empowering communities, while others are developing new ideas and changing the ways businesses are carried out in different sectors of the economy.

Today, we are pleased to bring to you, a special spotlight on a special woman. She is no other than Ms Aisha Babangida, the founder of the Women Network Alliance (WenA), an organization which helps entrepreneurs invest in profitable early stage companies and SMEs in Nigeria and across Africa. She founded the organization as a way to help improve the resources available to young and women entrepreneurs when starting their own companies.

Ms Aisha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Geneva, Switzerland and was trained by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in Geneva, on a number of Leadership courses. She also passed through an Executive Course in Finance and Accounting for non-financial managers from Wharton Business School, USA before founding the Egwafin Microfinance Bank.

She is a humanitarian who dedicates most of her time and resources in helping the less privileged and underdeveloped communities in Nigeria. In a bid to continue the legacy of her late mother, Mrs Maryam Babangida, Aisha also chairs the Better Life Program for the African Rural Woman; an NGO her mother founded. As a grassroots organization that has a spread across the continent, the foundation’s major objective is to empower women with the skills they require to become the next generation of female leaders in Africa. The foundation implements a number of projects such as cottage industries, where networking and partnerships among women farmers are encouraged to facilitate improved processing capabilities and larger customer bases.

#AishaBabangida is very passionate about providing women and girls with educational opportunities and life skills in order to better prepare them for the future.

In addition to her passion and commitment to philanthropy, she is an advocate of women empowerment and has continued to provide women with resources that can help transform their lives and communities.

Through her work and outreaches across the continent, she realized the importance of financial inclusion in developing the Nigerian economy. Therefore, in 2016, she founded the Egwafin Microfinance Bank, which provides traders, farmers, etc in Africa access to finance.

Again, in 2002, Aisha also founded the Tasnim Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes girl-child education by awarding scholarships to young girls in under-served communities. The foundation also builds schools and provides medical equipment and drugs to small hospitals in such communities.

Aisha is a Goodwill Ambassador for the Nigerian Council of Women Societies (NCWS) and in 2019, she was awarded a Gold Medal from the Crans Montana Forum in Belgium for her commitment to developing African women.

Is she not an amazing Nigerian woman? In the spirit of the #InternationalWomensDay2020 celebration, can you please, help us celebrate her?

This campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.

God bless Nigeria!!


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