Good morning Ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another episode of our Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series!

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Moving on to our daily series, we are happy to provide you with new information on Nigerians, who are dominating the world with their innovative skills and talents.

Today’s ambassador is Roye Okupe; the founder/CEO of YouNeek Studios. YouNeek produces comics, animations, video games that are inspired by African history, culture and myths.

Roye was born in Lagos, Nigeria, before moving to the United States of America at age 16 to study computer science. He holds both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Computer Science. He went on to work as a Software developer/government contractor for about 4 years.

During that 4 years period, he spent nights, weekends and lunch breaks doing web design, graphic design, writing, acting, singing, directing/producing (film/animation), animating, illustrating, editing and visual effects. Over the years Roye has become a renowned and award-winning writer/producer/director whose love for animations triggered the founding of YouNeek Studios in 2012 (the company was officially registered in 2016) which has enabled him create diverse superhero characters.

He has written, produced and directed numerous animated productions such as 2D/3D animated short films, feature films, TV commercials, show openers, music videos and much more. Amongst his celebrated works is the award-winning and critically acclaim Malika – Warrior Queen Animated Short. In 2015, Roye released his debut graphic novel titled: E.X.O. The Legend of Wale Williams Part One; a superhero story set in a futuristic Nigeria. 

 His production series has won him much prestigious recognition some of which include; #5 on Ventures Africa’s list of 40 African innovators to watch – 2016, 100 Most Influential Africans – 2016 and 2017 amongst others.

E.X.O. has also been featured on CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, NBC, The Guardian, ABC7, BBC, The Huffington Post, Mashabe and more! Okupe’s sophomore graphic novel; Malika – Warrior Queen sold over 100,000 copies of its chapter one special during Diamond Comic’s Free Comic Book Day in 2017. Both books have received many awards such as Glyph Comic Awards and Comic Fist Awards.

God bless Nigeria!!


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