Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to have you join us on the Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series!

We currently live in a time where businesses, social interactions, education, entertainment and much more are obtainable online. E-learning is gradually becoming accepted in most parts of the world as many educators leverage on technology to deliver their services. Everything is fast, easier and very accessible. We are glad to celebrate one of our very own, who is using Ed-tech to improve the quality of education in Nigeria. His focus is on the educators, creating platforms for improving teachers’ quality and increasing digital opportunities for young people.

We present to you Oluwaseun Kayode; Founder of Schoolinka.  Schoolinka is an Ed-Tech company that is “building an ecosystem of highly skilled teaching workforce.” The organisation is equipping educators with professional teaching and delivering skills through their learning models (in-person and online learning) and also work with partner schools to identify and recruit highly skilled teachers to join their workforce. Their training workshops are led by experts and certificates are obtainable after completion.

One of their primary programs is the Linking Classroom Program that offers in-depth knowledge for teachers on Global Learning Activation, Connections Based Learning and SDGs Integrations in classrooms. After the training, educators receive two weeks of online support to effective practice all they have learnt from the in-person training workshops. Schoolinka has trained over 150 teachers.

Oluwaseun founded Schoolinka in 2018, two years after his journey into the Education Sector begun. During his NYSC days, he began a project called Book Recycling Project where he collected old and reusable books from colleagues and distributed them to students who could not afford to purchase books. He successfully recycled over 3000 books to assist over 1500 students.

Kayode applied and got accepted into Teach for Nigeria fellowship where he spent two years in training and then got posted to a school in an under-served community. During the two years, he saw a gap in the education system which was the lack of teacher quality and decided to proffer solution to this effect.

He is a Teach SDGs Global Ambassador, Empatico Fellow, Teach For Nigeria Fellow, Orange Corners Incubatee, and Speaker at the 2019 Teach For All Global Conference in Armenia.

This campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.

God bless Nigeria!!


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