Dear readers, once again we are glad to have you join us on the Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series!

We bring you success stories of young Nigerians who are making tremendous impact in our society and across the globe. Today is no different as we sojourn into the world of yet again the real estate sector. Our #Ambassador is an investor and business mogul who owns one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the country. Just like many others that have been showcased on this series, he found lapses in the system and made a solid decision to close them up with innovative and long lasting solutions.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Olawale Ayilara, Founder and CEO of Landwey Investment Limited. The company provides opportunities for both corporations and individuals who are within the commercial, retail and residential property division. They also offer real estate advisory services and handling building and construction projects for their clients. The company which was started with no capital and less than 12 staff has over the years handled many outstanding projects, has over 40 staff, 22,000 realtors and consultants and owns over 2 billion naira in assets.

Olawale discovered early on in life that he was not suited for a 9-5 regular job and so he ventured into many businesses as a university student some of which included; selling food and drinks at event, printing, music etc. However, his success stories started from coaching others which laid the foundation for starting and running a business. While at university he began a vocational training program called Beyond School Initiative where he trained over 3,600 students. The success of this project was his stringboard to many more accomplishments in life.

Olawale eventually consulted for a real estate company and there, he noticed the gaps such as lack of trust, issues with the government and problems with acquiring legitimate documents. These and many more problems are what Landwey is solving thus, gaining the trust of clients and making huge investments and partnerships. The company is in partnership with PiggVest (an online savings and investment platform) to bridge the gap in housing dearth particularly among low and middle income earners.

Ayilara has received many awards and recognitions such as Forbes Africa 30 under 30 – 2018, Youngest Real Estate Player of the Year – City People Real Estate Awards 2019 among others. Landwey is also recipients of numerous awards which include; Most Promising Real Estate Company 2018 – The 4th City People Real Estate Award, Real Estate Investment Company of the Year 2019 – Business Day Leadership Award etc.

This campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.

God bless Nigeria!!


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