Dear readers, we are excited to have you join us again on the Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series!

As an organisation that is committed to bringing you news on the achievements of the great people of Nigeria, we are very proud of this next #Ambassador who is addressing the issues of stigmatization, inclusion and inequality among children suffering with developmental disability. She is also business strategist and chartered accountant. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Basirat Razaq-Shuaib; founder of The Winford Centre for Children and Women.

The Winford Centre for Children and Women is a non-profit organisation that focuses on supporting children suffering with developmental disabilities and learning difficulties as well as empowering women to achieve their full potential in Nigeria and the UK. The organisation addresses the problems of discrimination, harassment, stereotypes and societal barriers affecting children and women. The works of the foundation promotes UN Sustainable Development Goals 4; Quality Education, 5; Gender Equality, 10; Reduced Inequalities and 17; Partnerships for the goals.

Basirat and her team have successfully implemented primary school inclusion programmes across 10 schools to support children with developmental disabilities such as autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy etc. She works with international organisations, government institutions, schools and caregivers to design social inclusion programmes for the children and so far, her foundation has trained and provided education software to over 200 educators who in turn have created awareness on disability inclusion to over 350 pupils.

The Winford Centre for Children and Women has also empowered many women through their capacity building and mentorship initiatives. The women are exposed to different skills acquisition programs which enable them become financially independent. Also, they women are paired with more knowledgeable and experienced women, working in their preferred career field who will offer them guide, support and mentorship.

The foundation supports families lacking the financial capacity to cover the cost of diagnosis and therapy sessions for their children.

Basirat is also the founder and acting CEO of The Winford Centre International; an online store that supports special needs learning and development aids in Nigeria. The aim of the centre is to ‘’be the premier provider of educational training, learning aids and recreational facilities supporting children with developmental disabilities and their families in Africa.”

As a business strategist, Basirat owns and runs Actify Consulting Limited. The firm assists SMEs and middle size financial institutions plan and grow their businesses by offering services in strategy, business and financial plans, finance process improvements and training. The business management firm has clients both in Nigeria and the UK, working in different economic sectors.

This campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.

God bless Nigeria!!


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