Dear readers, thank you for joining us on another episode of the Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series!

This is the platform where we showcase the incredible and amazing achievements of young, talent, innovative and creative Nigerians to the world. As you stay tuned to us, we will share with you remarkable stories of problem-solvers and world-changers who are doing exception things within and outside the country.

So, moving on, our #RebrandNigeriaAmbassador for today is Adek Bassey; Executive Director of Today for Tomorrow Foundation (TFT) located at Calabar, Cross River State. Adek is an Adolescent and Youth Programming Consultant, UNFPA/EVA Social media Advocate, Public Health Practitioner, Social Worker and Mobile Counsellor. While studying Public Health at the University of Calabar, she founded Today for Tomorrow Foundation.

The foundation is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on helping adolescents (13 – 19 years) and youths with making positive and productive lifestyle choices and decisions. The foundation works mostly with street children, orphans and vulnerable youths in marginalised and underserved communities. Through their adolescent and youth programs, TFT trains them on making the right decisions by delivering timely information that will enable them plan for a better future for themselves, their families and communities.

The foundation mobilises young volunteers who carry-out trainings, peer-mentoring and coaching services to the adolescents and youths. TFT went into partnership with some organisations to launch an online platform called Life TalkBoard with the aim of combating depression and suicide among young people. Also, the foundation is part of a Consortium building Nigeria’s first Community Centre that is working tirelessly to transition and reintegrate street children and youths back into society.

Furthermore, Adek and her team run an online community for adolescents across Nigeria via Whatsapp social media platform called TFT-ASK (meaning – Adolescent Should Ask) Forum. Through this medium, peer-to-peer interactions and learning are carried out on a daily basis. Also, every Friday, a resource person facilitates and provides accurate information on Life Skills, Financing, Gender-based violence, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, personal and environmental hygiene etc. In accordance with SDG 1; No Poverty, TFT runs a saving scheme organised for adolescents to learn about handling money, savings and investment for curb the poverty.

Adek is recognised for her impact in the lives of adolescents, some of which are Award of recognition as an outstanding young Executive Director of a youth led organization in Cross River State, Most Social and Best Social Entrepreneur Student in Public Health Department, University of Calabar, she is among the 50 African Women in Development 2020 by Donors for Africa Foundation etc.

This campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.

God bless Nigeria!!


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