Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the May’s Edition on the Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series!

In this month, we promise to showcase the extraordinary and mind-blowing innovations of the #NigerianYouths so, stay tuned!

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field is gaining more awareness, understanding and acceptance across the world, particularly in Africa. As the world is advancing and the future is tilting even further to the use of technology, more children, youths and adults are encouraged to get a STEM education because of its ability to increase critical thinking, science literacy, innovation and creativity.

And in order not to leave Africa lagging behind, an organisation that is centred on promoting STEM in African countries is impacting many children and has a mission to boost employment, inclusion, innovation of over 5,000,000 young Africans with STEM emerging tools to gain as much knowledge and expertise needed to empower Africa’s workforce by 2030.

Today, we are celebrating the Executive Director of this exceptional organisation who has executed a large number of projects across many African countries. She is Amanda Obidike; Executive Director of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation Makers of Africa (STEMi Makers Africa).

STEMi is on a mission to expose African youths STEM pathways using strategic plans geared towards transforming the cultural narrative because of the important roles STEM plays in a nation’s growth and development. The organisation operates in over 15 African countries, 65 communities and has impacted over 10,000 people, representing more than 2000 institutions and educators in Africa. They carryout various professional development programs, forums, showcase educational exhibits, innovative products and conductor STEM sessions. They are generating a talent base of the next generation Scientists, Engineers, Data Analysts and other professionals etc.

Amanda is a certified professional in STEM by the Open University, United Kingdom. She has successfully created and implemented STEM projects in over 75 underserved communities across 17 Sub-Saharan countries. She is an expert in project management, Operations, Education and Community building, Technology and Data Science. In 2017, she launched a program called “I Be Lady O”, targeted towards young girls and women, encouraging them to participate in STEM education and career. The program led to the establishment of a #SafeSpace where the young girls and women discuss project ideas, cooperate in small groups to proffer technology-driven solutions using the design thinking process to make impact in their communities. Through this medium, a coaching community of over 500 women has been built and many women are challenging themselves to choosing careers in STEM fields.

Amanda is also an Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Behaviour Expert from the Santa Clara University, California, USA. She has mentored over 56 youths in career development, entrepreneurship and Skill acquisition. She has received a number of recognitions and awards such as Top 20 Most Exceptional Leader of YALI West Africa since 2017, MAI Woman in Technology 2018, Top 100 Positively Inspiring African leader 2018 etc

STEMi Makers Africa has also been awarded the Role Model Category Booking.com Techmakers Award, London, 2020 and also received an award from the USA Consulate General, Lagos for Integrating STEM development to Educators in 3 Under-served Communities.

This campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.

God bless Nigeria!!


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