Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this week’s edition of the Inspiring Country Actions Series! As usual, in this segment, we showcase interesting Government policies and actions to the world as part of our #RebrandNigeriaCampaign.

This week, our focus is on how the Government is planning to relaunch a more prosperous economy for the country after the devastation it suffered under the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is no gainsaying that “necessity is the mother of invention”. This truism was well captured by the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo recently when he was fielding questions about the impact of the dreaded virus on the economy of Nigeria and how the Government intends to overcome it.

According to the Vice President, who is also the Post Covid-19 Economic Sustainability Committee, “we shall get through this era much stronger economically and much stronger as a people because of our spirit of resilience. Even though, there are many challenges, the situation also offers significant opportunities for us to turn things around. I am very confident that Nigerians, with our resilience, our strength and innovations shall go through this phase and bounce back stronger.

As a government, we shall prioritize the use of local resources in all public works. In road construction, it is cheaper to build concrete roads using limestone than spending resources on the importation of bitumen. Since limestone is in abundance in this country, we shall be looking in that direction. For example, the road from the Apapa Port to the Lagos – Ibadan Expressway is currently being built with cement and is of high quality.

He further said that, in the housing sector, where we have a huge deficit, there is need to focus on using local resources to build houses and, in the process, create jobs for our young engineers, architects, builders, etc along the value chain.

In the agricultural sector, he said that the government shall ramp up the sector, especially in the storage and processing value chains in order to create more jobs for our young people.

He concluded by affirming that as a Government and as a people, “we have found ourselves in a situation where we have realized that the way to go is to support the creation of jobs in the agricultural sector and to reduce food importation and ultimately address the nagging issues of unemployment and food shortages in our city centers.”

So, ladies and gentlemen, good people of Nigeria, home and in Diaspora, can you see that Covid-19 is not going to be the end of our country?

At the #UgwumbaLeadershipCenter, we appreciate the giant strides President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is making in order to revive the economy, despite the huge losses we have suffered as a result of this pandemic.

This campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa.


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