Ladies and gentlemen, we are very glad for the impacts we are making across the country through this platform.

Last week on the show, we featured Uloma Ogba, CEO of Launch Africa to discuss “Opportunities for Youths in the Development Sector”. Since then, the takeaways from the conversations have continued to resonate around the world.

We are promise keepers and this week, we are presenting you another hot theme to be discussed by one of the most qualified persons in Nigeria to discuss on such a topic.

So, this week on “TheLeadershipShow, Mr. Osas Amadasun, the Deputy Director of the Development Finance Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria shall be our guest.

Mr Amadasun is also the Registrar of the National Collateral Registry. He joined the Nigerian apex bank, Central Bank of Nigeria in 1989. He previously worked in the Operations and Audit Department of the apex bank before joining the Development Finance Department of the CBN. Our next guest holds a BSc in Management and Masters in Public Administration. He also has the following certifications: Associate of the Institute of Management; Certified Public Accountant; Fellow Institute of Chartered Management Auditors; etc.

As the Deputy Director of the Development Finance Department of CBN, which is responsible for stimulating the Nigerian economy through provision of credits and interventions in all sectors of the economy, with special emphasis on the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises, Mr. Amadasun will be sharing with us how Nigerian youths can access funds from the CBN to establish or scale up their businesses.

Over the years, the Federal Government through the CBN introduced several intervention programs for SMEs, young entrepreneurs and innovators in Nigeria. Again, to stimulate the economy in the post #Covid19 era, more funding programs have been introduced by the Government but how to access these funds remains the problem of the masses.This lack of proper information on how to access these funds prompted us to bring Mr. Amadasun on “TheLeadershipShow this Wednesday, September 23, 2020 by 12 noon WAT to demystify these strange stories we hear about CBN, their loans and the processes involved in accessing them.

Therefore, this show is a MUST for all young #entrepreneurs, #innovators and SME owners across the country.

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