Good morning, good people of Nigeria and welcome back to your usual Rebrand Nigeria Ambassadors Series!

We are so sorry that for a long time now, we have not brought you current editions of this series, where we celebrate highly innovative and patriotic U-40 Nigerians, who are contributing to both national and international development with their expertise.  

So, we are glad to welcome you back and hope you will be connected here with us for regular updates!

Nigeria has experienced significant growth in the mobile telecommunication industry, the last two decades has been evolutional with the introduction of smartphones. The introduction of smartphones in Nigeria meant different things to different people. Some saw it as a means of elevating their businesses, others only use it as a means of communication while others were creative and came up with new and exceptional ideas.

One of these exceptional individuals is the person we are spotlighting today. His name is Elochukwu Umeh, the Founder and CEO of Terragon Group, a Nigerian-based data analytics and marketing technology company that provide software services to deal with organizational analytics and marketing needs.

Elo Umeh is a young Nigerian with passion for mobile, digital innovation and creative solutions. Since the mission of his company is: “to transform the medium and manner through which companies reach their customers across Africa as well as harness the power of the smarter mobile device to reach Africans across the continent”, he has made interaction between companies and their customers much easier. Terragon is a digital platform that leverages the unique ways Africans use the mobile device to intelligently connect brands to their customers.

The birth of Terragon in 2010 was an outcome of his love for digital life and vast experience in the telecommunication industry where he worked in Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, all within Africa.

Currently, Terragon operates in many African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and also in India.  At the moment, Terragon has over a hundred employees and connects directly to about 150 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa.   

Over the years, Terragon has developed and expanded. Adrenalin; which is Terragon’s proprietary platform presents lots of opportunities for firms globally to engage, interact and acquire users via the internet and mobile operator generated media channels. It helps in redefining the advertising landscape by connecting mobile operators in Africa to an existing web ecosystem, thereby targeting consumers that were previously unidentified and providing personalized ad serving and monetization.

In 2018, Terragon acquired Bizense – a Singapore based mobile ad platform for telecoms which will enable Terragon to spread to other prospective markets in Asia and Latin America.

At the Business Day CEO Awards, Elochukwu Umeh was named the Business-to-Business SME CEO of the Year in 2019. 

In 2018, at the Future of Workplace Awards – an initiative of HR Summit and Expo for West Africa, Terragon Group won the “Employer of the Year 2018” award.

Elo Umeh also made the 40 Under 40 list of Entrepreneurs by IESE Business School, University of Navarra Spain, out of over 46,000 alumni from 129 countries.

Earlier in 2016, he completed his MBA, graduating as ‘The Best and Brightest EMBAs of the class of 2016’.

At the #UgwumbaLeadershipCenter, we celebrate Elochukwu for making us proud around the world with his tech innovations! The Rebrand Nigeria Campaign is powered by the Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development in Africa. For more information, please, visit www.ugwumbaleaders.org or www.rebrandnigeria.org


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